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M i c r o s o f t

Glossary and Acronyms for PC and Server Technologies

Search Microsoft Support Knowledge Base
Look up solutions to problems and issues, on how to configure your applications, or simply understand why your Microsoft product is not behaving as you expect.

Microsoft Download Center
Download patches and tools for your operating systems and applications manually.

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set
You will want this if you want your computer to display Chinese Characters unique to Hong Kong.

Windows XP Home Edition vs. Professional Comparison Chart
Want to find out how the two editions differ?

Windows XP Professional Comparison Guide
Compare Windows XP with other Desktop versions of Windows.

Microsoft Product Activation FAQ
Questions about their Product Activation answered, including the frequently misinformed issue of how many times you can reactivate your Windows XP reinstallation.  The answer, by the way, is as many times as you like on the same computer.

Windows Update Error Codes
Find out why your Windows Update session fails.  Unfortunately, it does not include solutions to fix the problems.

Windows XP Service Pack 1a Network Installation
Manual download SP1a setup file and install offline from your hard drive.  You can update directly to Service Pack 2 (see below) without SP1.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package
Download the full SP2 setup file so you can update your Windows XP offline.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
Tools to tweak or add extra functions to your Windows XP SP1/SP2.  For Windows XP without Service Packs installed, see next entry.

Tweak UI for Windows Me, 2000 and older
A PowerToy for older Windows versions.  Also for Windows XP without SP1/SP2 installed.

Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IMEs)
Adds the ability to input Asian characters in older versions of English Windows.


C o m p u t i n g

Dell Inc.
A pioneer in Internet or online shopping and probably the most admired computer brand in the world.

Hong Kong Golden Computer Center Hardware Price Check English | Chinese
(prices are for reference only)

Java Virtual Machine
Download all the versions of Java support you need for your operating system.

A very insightful and useful newsletter.

Want to know how to link up your Windows machines to your Apple computers on a network?
Many useful tutorials and tips on server applications, web features, and others.

The OS Files
A quick guide to every operating system there is.


W i n d o w s | A p p l i c a t i o n s
Do you find Windows annoying?  Find tricks to tame the unruly beast!
Need a boot disk/floppy to help you boot up your crippled computer?  Look no further.

Doug's Windows 95/98/Me/XP Tweaks and Tips

Inside Outlook Express

James M.Fisher's PC Help & Support Site

Kelly's Korner Windows XP Support Center

Kilian's Illustrated Windows XP and Software Guide
Another pretty good user tutorials on Windows XP.

Mark Salloway's Windows XP Resource Center

Microsoft Watch
Find out what Microsoft has been up to behind your back.

It also includes a shrinking list of ILS server directory for your NetMeeting application.
Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft's NTFS file system but were afraid to ask.

Good help with Outlook Express.

Slipstick Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center
Find add-ons and tools for your Outlook client and Exchange server.

Windows Trouble Shooter

Windows Support Center

Windows XP Tips, Fixes and Tweaks
Illustrates installing and reinstalling your version of Windows step-by-step.

WinGuides Network for Windows
Find tweaks and fixes to your Windows.

Woody's Watch


S e c u r i t y

CIAC Hoaxbusters
Find out which story you read n your email is true and which one is a chain letter that you are about to help spread to the annoyance of your friends.

Computer Associates Spyware Information Center

CoolWebSearch Chronicles
If your Internet Explorer and computer have been hijacked by CoolWebSearch, help is at hand.

Gibson Research
Test your Internet security and safety with Shields Up!! scans.

Home PC Firewall Guide

HTTP anonymous proxy list
Generates random numbers that you can use as passwords or security keys.

SANS Internet Storm Center

A good information site for security flaws found in your applications and operating systems.

SecurityStats.Com Password Strength Meter


N e t w o r k i n g

Dell TrueMobile WLAN Card User's Guide
A good illustration on ad-hoc wireless network setup.

Free Antennas
DIY your own antennae for your wireless network.



PCWorld's Wi-Fi Hotspot Directory
Find a free or paid wireless hotspot near you.
A simple guide to port forwarding function of your broadband router.

SeattleWireless Hardware Comparison
Detailed information on some of the wireless hardware and devices available today.
Test the strength and quality of your wireless signal with this Windows application.

Tom's Networking


Wi-Fi Alliance


L i n k s y s | W R T 5 4 G

HyperDrive firmware
A free custom firmware for Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router.  There is also a version for WAP54G (Wireless-G Access Point).  Highly recommended.
The No.1 in Linksys support.  Get help from other Linksys wireless users.  It also hosts the official support and discussions for HyperDrive firmware and user support for Sveasoft firmware.  It has particularly a very good FAQ on how to identify different versions of WRT54G router model.
A new discussion forum and news portal on everything Linksys.

OpenWRT firmware

Sveasoft firmware
A highly customized firmware for WRT54G.  There is a free version and a subscription version, with the latter being much more advanced and developed.  You won't find another firmware like it, with many added features found only in commercial corporate routers.

Adds a RADIUS server that supports PEAP authentication to your WRT54G.  For advanced users only, but there is also a Windows binary for those wanting to experiment.

Void Main's Linksys WRT54G Revival
Firmware update gone bad and now you have a dead WRT54G router?

Wifi-box Firmware
Another free custom firmware.  Unfortunately, ongoing development has been slow.
Another useful site on WRT54G routers.


Beyond Horizon
More online resources.


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