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Windows Topics Published Updated
Common Windows keyboard combinations/shortcuts N/A Sep 27 '04
Setup Windows to use your microphone 1998 Mar 17 '03
Outlook Express FAQ Apr 19' 04 Jun 02 '05
Configuring Windows XP fax service Mar 05 '04  
Adding Chinese language support to English Windows XP
(or Japanese or Korean)
Apr 19 '04 Aug 01 '05
Tweaking tools and patches for Windows XP
(some for Windows 2000 Professional)
Apr 20 '04 Jan 08 '05
Watch VCD Movie on Windows Media Player Sep 29 '02  
MS-DOS Basics 2001  
Simple Windows 9x/Me fixes 2001  
Windows XP Logon Tips Dec 29 '04  
Set Google as Internet Explorer default search engine
(Chinese | English edition)
Jan 18 '05 Jan 22 '05
Windows Networking Published Updated
Connecting two Windows 9x computers using Direct Cable Connection 1997 Mar 17 '03
Setup and connect to a secure home Wi-Fi wireless network
with Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC)
Apr 28 '04 Feb 27 '05
Connect to an encrypted Wi-Fi network with a hidden ESSID/SSID Jan 08 '05  
Wi-Fi wireless networking FAQ Nov 8 '04 Feb 27 '05
Windows XP WZC / Wireless Network Troubleshooting Oct 31 '04 Feb 26 '05
Windows XP basic file and printer sharing setup for home networks Dec 12 '04 Dec 14 '04
Applications Published Updated
CDex FAQ Apr 26 '04 Dec 14 '04
Messaging Clients Features Comparison Apr 15 '01  
Manual check & update SpywareBlaster Protection Definition Dec 18 '04 Mar 20 '05
Manual update virus definition on Symantec Norton security products Dec 19 '04  
Dell *inspiron* wallpapers (circa 2007) May 25 '08 Jun 9 '08



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